dr balkrishna    on sep 10, 2010 says : fine   post a comment     post comment on twitter post comment on slideworld comments:   subscribe to follow-up comments slideworld will not store your password. viagra for sale usa Age can people use viagra generic viagra for sale in usa purchase generic viagra online Slideworld will maintain your privacy. viagra not working anymore boots viagra price 2010 viagra generic online how much does viagra cost australia Twitter username:   twitter password:   comments:   email: subscribe to follow-up comments 95% maintain airway control and adequate ventilation intubation for unconscious, unstable or tiring patients consider cpap or bipap slide 14 : treatment standard care includes cardiac monitoring, pulse ox, ekg, iv, frequent vitals cbc, electrolytes, cardiac enzymes, cxr, bnp liver enzymes if hsm in the presence of widened ag, elevated lactate may confirm cardiogenic shock levels, ie digoxin, etoh, tox foley placed to monitor output slide 15 : treatment ntg sl, if no response or ecg shows ischemia ntg drip 10 to 30 ug/min and titrate diuretics lasix 40-80 mg iv or bumentanide 0. where to buy viagra where buy viagra no prescription generic viagra by mail Guan ji viagra natural 5 - 1 mg iv ethacynic acid is used if there is a serious sulfa allergy if urine output is inadequate in 20 – 30 min, diuretic dose is increased and repeated slide 16 : contraindications to vasodilation preload dependent states: right ventricular infart, as, or volume depletion hcm if coexisting shock, phenylephrine preferred pressor slide 17 : treatment resistant htn, not responding to ntg, nitroprusside nesiritide as alternative to ntg for acute decompensated hf without cardiogenic shock if hypotensive or need for iontropic support, dopamine 5-10 ug/kg/min and titrate for sbp >90-100 consider thrombolytic agents if caused by mi treat coexisiting arrhythmia or electrolyte disturbance morphine use prn, use controversial digoxin acts too slowly for acute setting slide 18 : treatment anuric (dialysis) patients, treatment of choice is dialysis long term chf: dietary salt restriction, preload reduction via diuretics, afterload reduction via bblockers, ace inhibitors and digoxin most require inpatient management slide 19 : disposition for acute pulmonary edema patients with acute pulmonary edema require icu if clinical scenario suggests acs, icu admission if htn controlled, dyspnea resolved, non-icu monitored receiving titrating ntg, icu receiving nesiritide, tele slide 20 : disposition. viagra 20 mg information Is it safe for teenagers to take viagra order viagra cheap cheap viagra without prescription usa cialis and viagra generic discounted generic viagra viagra not working anymore